The Art in All of Us – a new weekly Facebook offering with Del Martinez

This is a place for all to share and discover in community.

We will discover that the art of us is the true language of our lives and, in that, limitless.

I look forward to sharing what comes to me and seeing and experiencing the art of You.  We will have a particular focus on mindful art cultivating the childlike freedom of creating without self-judgment.

I will be making a weekly art post on Facebook and hope you will share your photos, poetry, art and other creative offerings so we can be inspired by the gift of mindful art.
Here is my first post for the New Year…I am looking forward to seeing yours!

Art is Life – by Del Martinez


How could you ever live not knowing how it feels when the crescendo of a piano concerto takes your breath away even before you knew that was what it was called? When the sight, sound or smell of the true inspiration of another person’s soul is expressed in this world and beauty, true beauty, is unveiled
and we are all at least a little breathless, knowing that something so utterly magnificent, a true gift from beyond our realm and comprehension could exist.
The words flow swiftly as I try to capture the sheer awesomeness of the incomprehensible elation that is evoked by seeing the divine in each other and in all.
I am grateful for the gift of love that art brings to us all through space and time. We are art creating art in this perpetual dance of creation!