“Imaging Well Being offers fantastic opportunities to connect deeply with the world, yourself, and others. The seasonal nature retreats are rejuvenating and uplifting!”

Ed H.


“Imagine Well Being has introduced me to many people who have more questions than answers. For example, the Peeling the Cosmic Onion events explored, through conversations, the various disciplines of science and how we humans perceive the material world. Each event peeled back a layer of how humanity explores this material universe. The Beer and Spiritual Conversations was a gathering of spiritual people sharing their journey experiences.”

Larry B.

“Participation in the various offerings with Imagine Well Being provides a sense of community that soothes my soul. Taking part in discussions in community, on topics relevant to today’s world and my own personal life, with people of varying experiences and opinions, has opened my mind and allowed me to grow intellectually and spiritually.”

Pam D.

outdooor journal

“Imagine is an important part of my story.”

Nancy R.

“The practices I’ve learned through Imagine have brought me peace in my times of sorrow and joy from the roots of gratitude! Practicing compassion, making time to be in nature, and finding pause in the midst of every busy day –  these practices shape me into a less-reactive and more loving-kind person to my family, co-workers, friends, and the world around me.”

Leena L.