Imagine Well Being Circles

Wellness education and support are universal human rights

Imagine Well Being envisions a world where wellness education and practices are not privileges but universal rights, just like food and water.

The high costs of wellness services make it nearly impossible for hundreds of thousands of people without the financial resources or insurance coverage to afford them.

The CDC estimates that stress and anxiety-related illnesses account for about 75% of all doctor visits.

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Every day, countless people struggle with stress and loneliness, which the Surgeon General has declared an epidemic affecting our overall health as severely as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

This is why Imagine Well Being has created Well Being Circles—small, trusted communities where people can come together, share their experiences, and learn evidence-based wellness practices to improve their own health in daily life.

How do I join a Well Being Circle?

Well Being Circles will gather with at least a monthly commitment to meeting either virtually or in person.

An Imagine Well Being Circle Coach will train, launch, and support each circle. Each Circle participant will receive an electronic version of a Wellness Toolkit to reinforce the wellness education and practices they learn in the Circle gatherings.

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What happens in a Well Being Circle?

At least once a month, Circles will gather (virtually or in person) to learn and experience a wellness practice from the Well Being Toolkit and share stories for mutual support and encouragement. Self-organized social activities are encouraged. A Well-Being Coach will be available for support or questions. Click here for more information: