Mindful Community

Being in relationship with others is essential to happiness and well-being. Gathering to learn mindful practices, cultivate stress reduction, and explore values and self-awareness in classes, workshops and retreat settings provides opportunities to meet people and form connections around shared intentions. 

Mindful community is built upon the Imagine Well Being foundation of unlimited welcome. Practicing everyday mindfulness in community develops compassion.

What is Well Being?

We enlist our beginner’s mind in seeking to understand what others say, and improve our attention span by carefully listening to others.

The power of intentional community provides a shared support system that medical science is showing has an impact on physical and mental health.

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A core aspect of mindful community is practicing mindful listening.

This involves the practice of listening to the speaker without focusing on what we want to say next and without rushing to judgment.

Through this practice of mindful listening, we witness our mental, emotional and physical reactions to what the speaker is saying.  Our mind may wander but we can choose to bring our focus back to what the person is saying.

Various community groups explore topics around values, mindfulness, science, nature and interfaith learning. Mindful community groups offer the opportunity to explore new friendships with people who share similar values and interests.

Mindful Community Calendar