What Is Well-Being?

Imagine Well Being believes the world can be changed as individuals work on their well-being.

Well-being includes:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Emotional resilience (being able to weather the ups and downs of emotions)
  • Connection to others
  • Connection to nature
  • Having purpose or meaning in one’s life

Humans evolved to have a fight, flight or freeze response to real or perceived threats. These responses do not necessarily go away once the threat is gone, contributing to the accumulation of chronic stress or anxiety.

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This is part of our common humanity, something we all experience. It impacts physical and mental well-being as well as relationships in the home, community and workplace.

The good news is that research continues to reveal that our minds and bodies can change. Imagine Well Being’s curriculum is designed to help participants build a set of skills to enhance their well-being in supportive social gatherings.