In these blog posts, I will share key points from books I’m reading. Today I am sharing from “Mindfulness in Plan English” by Bhante Bhante Gunaratana, so that together we can benefit from these noble truths and transform our lives. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

  1. Where to sit? Find yourself a quiet place, a secluded place, a place where you will be alone.
  2. It doesn’t have to be a forest or soundproof roof, but there are certain noises that are highly distracting, and they should be avoided. Music and talking are the worst. Mind tends to be sucked in by these sounds in an uncontrollable manner, and there goes your concentration.
  3.  A special spot reserved for meditation and nothing else is an aid for most people.
  4. Set up a practice schedule and keep to it with a gentle, patient tenacity.
  5. Your practice will go best when you are looking forward to sitting.
  6. Morning meditation is a fine way to start your day.
  7. Evening is another good time for practice.
  8. Give yourself time to incorporate the meditation practice into your life, and let your practice grow gradually and gently.
  9. Most beginners start with twenty or thirty minutes.
  10. We recommend that after a year or so of steady practice you should be sitting comfortably for an hour at a time.