In these blog posts, I will share key points from books I’m reading. Today I am sharing from “Mindfulness in Plan English” by Bhante Bhante Gunaratana, so that together we can benefit from these noble truths and transform our lives. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!
  1. It’s crucial to sit for meditation regularly. Even ten minutes of meditation can be very beneficial.
  2. Unpleasant experiences during the meditation are some of the most profitable a meditator can face, but only if you sit through them. You have got to learn to observe them calmly and clearly.
  3. Self Discipline is the key and there is another word for it patience.
  4. Look within and watch the stuff coming up – restlessness, anxiety, impatience, pain — just watch it come up and don’t get involved.
  5. Mumbled words without intention are useless.
  6. Meditation is a tough job. It’s inherently solitary activity but other seekers have passed through this way before. So can you.
  7. Laziness just will not serve. Meditation takes energy. You need courage to confront some pretty difficult mental phenomena and the determination to sit through very unpleasant mental states.
  8. Mindfulness is egoless awareness.
  9. Greed and hatred are the prime manifestations of the ego process. To the extent that grasping and rejecting are present in the mind, mindfulness will have a very rough time.
  10. You can balance a negative emotion by instilling a positive one. Giving is the opposite of greed. Benevolence is the opposite of hatred.