Note: I am sharing key points from book “Mindfulness in Plan English by Bhante Bhante Gunaratana”. So that together we can benefit from these noble truths and transform our lives.
1. Morality requires a certain degree of mental control as a pre requisite.
2. Three integral factors in Buddhist meditation: morality, concentration and wisdom.
3. Vipassana is a practice done with the specific intention of facing reality, to fully experience life just as it is and to cope with exactly what you find. It allows you to blow aside the illusion and free yourself from all the polite little lies you tell yourself all the time.
4. The meditator’s intention is to purge her own mind of anger prejudice, and ill will, and she is actively engaged in the process of getting rid of greed, tension and insensitivity. Those are the very items that obstruct her compassion for others.
5. Harm in the name of help is one of the oldest games.