Note: I am sharing key points from book “Mindfulness in Plan English by Bhante Bhante Gunaratana”. So that together we can benefit from these noble truths and transform our lives.
1. Inherent unsatisfactoriness in life.
2. I syndrome
3. Mental habit of grasping
4. Our mind full of opinions and criticisms
5. Happiness and Peace prime issues in human existence
6. Meditation is called the great teacher, cleansing crucible fire
7. Goal of mindfulness meditation is awareness or insight
8. Looking at each moment as if it were the first and only moment in the universe is essential in Vipassana meditation
9. Purpose of meditation is to develop awareness. To read minds or levitate is not the goal.
10. Most holy men meditate, but they don’t meditate because they are holy. They are holy men because they meditate; meditation is how they got there.