Del Martinez
Del MartinezPresident

Del has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years and has developed solutions and managed networks for many industries. The focus of his businesses have largely been in serving non-profit medical and social services providers. Innovating in this space has been extremely fulfilling, especially during Covid, when the communities served were the hardest hit. Del also is an avid hiker, runner, poet and lover of all art and expression. He has served in many different roles in IWB over the years and is excited for the vision we will all achieve together.

Larry Branch
Larry BranchTreasurer

In 2019 Larry became involved with the spirituality and science offerings of Imagine Well Being. As a member of the Center for Spiritual Living in Leesburg, Va, Larry’s current spiritual interest leads him on the path of Nonduality. For the past ten years, Larry has been a student of the western interpretation of Nonduality, also known as Neo-Advaita, which allows the opportunity to discover the eastern spiritual roots of the Hindu philosophy and traditions. Western Nonduality has deep roots in the science and spiritual communities.

Larry is currently employed with the US Dept. of Labor as a Data Architect. Previously, Larry held several positions as a defense contractor after completing his four-year enlistment with the US Air Force in 1982.

Dave Norman
Dave NormanProject Curator

Dave is a co-founder of Imagine Well Being and currently serves as Project Coordinator. Dave passionately believes in the transforming power of intentional community and mindfulness practice. He has many years of experience in contemplative practice and spiritual leadership. Dave believes in the profound importance of building bridges of understanding and compassion in this tumultuous time of change.

Cathy Norman
Cathy NormanGlobal Curator

Cathy has been practicing meditation and contemplation for over 20 years,  She is a registered yoga teacher RYT (200) in the Integral Hatha Yoga tradition and integrates mindfulness into the practice of yoga with a seasonal nature focus.   She has completed training in contemplative leadership and attended the Servant Leadership School in Washington, DC. She teaches meditation in nature and mindful meditation in the tradition of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and is a Virginia Master Naturalist.

Cathy is passionate about the transforming power of mindfulness education and practice and believes that everyone should have access to these research-based resources that are proven to increase well-being in mind, body and soul.
Jessica Andrea
Jessica AndreaAccountant

Jessica, a math teacher in the public schools, serves as the bookkeeper for Imagine Well Being. She values being involved with Imagine Well Being because of the emphasis on self-compassion and mindfulness. She studied Buddhism for many years.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys training in Taekwondo with her two sons. She has been awarded her black belt.

Nan McCarry
Nan McCarryStaff Support

Nan is the paid staff member at Imagine Well Being. As part-time Associate, she assists the Curator and tries to keep things running smoothly.

In the early days of Imagine, she led a program called Cosmic Evolutionary Story and led other nature and science offerings. She enjoys participating in yoga with Imagine Well Being.

David Goode
David GoodeCoordinator, Portland, OR Chapter

David has a background in Theology and also spent formative years in Asia where he taught English and studied Tae Kwon Do. A native of the east coast, David now resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two adult kids. He organized and leads the Portland chapter of Imagine Well Being. He enjoys the outdoors, exercise, and long walks.

Having dealt with anxiety since childhood, he learned to seek a path of healing and wholeness – at first unconsciously, and then, ever so slightly, more and more consciously. David attributes Imagine Well Being, with its emphasis on compassion and kindness to self (and thereby to others), as opening the way to the necessary work of integrating the hardest parts of oneself and becoming whole.

Yvonne Centala
Yvonne Centala
Sharing the joy of the woods with others is what drew Yvonne to Imagine Well Being. She particularly enjoys events at Blueridge Mountain Retreat that create space to breathe fresh mountain air and refresh one’s soul. She has fond memories of her years as a Girl Scout and then a Girl Scout leader, going into the woods to explore trees and plants, cooking over campfires and camping overnight. The best camping she ever did was sleeping in a hammock in the Amazon jungle! While she was never athletic, through the Wellness Community, she learned tai chi. Then she moved to yoga, visualization, and meditation. Knowing all of this was helpful during the isolation of the pandemic when she could find herself in the present moment, not wishing to be elsewhere.
Jenny Bailey
Jenny BaileySecretary

Jenny’s wellness journey began 39 years ago in a 12-step community. In the enveloping years since, it’s been a continual journey seeking spiritual, mental, and physical progress, not perfection. She has been a part of the Imagine Well Being community since 2011, attending events of interest and serving in various capacities. Through her years of involvement in the 12-step community and IWB, she found that mindful practices and community are key to growing personally and for building bridges across divides.

Jenny is a widow with two adult sons and an adult daughter. She has worked as an accountant in the government contracting industry over forty years. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and community, especially in nature, on or near water.

Thad Lowe
Thad LoweDirector of Technology
Thad is a career technologist working in the communications industry for over 30 years. He is passionate about nature, the environment, and outdoor activities. Thad enjoys traveling the world and experiencing new adventures with his wife Leena and adult sons, Alex and Kyle. While home, you will find Thad hiking with his dog and wife, biking, exploring new technologies, or on the golf course with friends.

Imagine Well Being inspires the community with the beauty and importance of nature, balance, and mindfulness. Thad is blessed to support the community and share the benefits with others.

Leena Lowe
Leena LoweLead Team Member
Leena is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation and has completed 500 hours of Vinyasa teacher training and 60 hours of Yin yoga teacher training. When not on her yoga mat, Leena loves spending time hiking and biking in the outdoors with her husband and college-aged sons. Leena has been a part of Imagine Well Being since it began and finds hope, strength, and resilience through its offering of mindfulness practices that are shared in community.