Imagine Being Well Board Members

Del Martinez
Del MartinezPresident

Del has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years and has developed solutions and managed networks for many industries. The focus of his businesses have largely been in serving non-profit medical and social services providers. Innovating in this space has been extremely fulfilling, especially during Covid, when the communities served were the hardest hit. Del also is an avid hiker, runner, poet and lover of all art and expression. He has served in many different roles in IWB over the years and is excited for the vision we will all achieve together.

Larry Branch
Larry BranchTreasurer

In 2019 Larry became involved with the spirituality and science offerings of Imagine Well Being. As a member of the Center for Spiritual Living in Leesburg, Va, Larry’s current spiritual interest leads him on the path of Nonduality. For the past ten years, Larry has been a student of the western interpretation of Nonduality, also known as Neo-Advaita, which allows the opportunity to discover the eastern spiritual roots of the Hindu philosophy and traditions. Western Nonduality has deep roots in the science and spiritual communities.

Larry is currently employed with the US Dept. of Labor as a Data Architect. Previously, Larry held several positions as a defense contractor after completing his four-year enlistment with the US Air Force in 1982.

Jenny Bailey
Jenny BaileySecretary

Jenny’s wellness journey began 39 years ago in a 12-step community. In the enveloping years since, it’s been a continual journey seeking spiritual, mental, and physical progress, not perfection. She has been a part of the Imagine Well Being community since 2011, attending events of interest and serving in various capacities. Through her years of involvement in the 12-step community and IWB, she found that mindful practices and community are key to growing personally and for building bridges across divides.

Jenny is a widow with two adult sons and an adult daughter. She has worked as an accountant in the government contracting industry over forty years. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and community, especially in nature, on or near water.

Leena Lowe
Leena LoweLead Team Member
Leena is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation and has completed 500 hours of Vinyasa teacher training and 60 hours of Yin yoga teacher training. When not on her yoga mat, Leena loves spending time hiking and biking in the outdoors with her husband and college-aged sons. Leena has been a part of Imagine Well Being since it began and finds hope, strength, and resilience through its offering of mindfulness practices that are shared in community.
Amy Hall
Amy HallAccountant

Amy has had the privilege of seeing Imagine grow from the seeds of ideas to what it has become today. She participated in performing the initial research and was part of the first guide formation training that would go on to grow into Imagine Well-being.

At her core, Amy Hall is a leader and creator. In her professional career, she holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bucknell University and a master’s degree in software engineering from George Mason University. She has held various leadership positions, creating software for many customers. Amy successfully moved software from idea to reality, solving diverse business problems in government, health care, international trade, financial services, and data center operations.

In her private life, Amy and her husband Larry launched the first Roosters Men’s Grooming Center franchise in Virginia. They were one of 10 franchisees across the country when they opened, and the brand has grown to 88 stores nationwide 14 years later. Amy and her husband provided mentoring and coaching for many new franchisees over the years. Their two stores rank in the top 8 stores in the country.

She enjoys flexing her creative muscles as an avid potter, taking classes at Round Hill Art Center, and working in her home studio. She creates pieces that are both functional and nature-inspired.

Nitin Dogra
Nitin Dogra

Nitin Dogra has been practicing meditation and yogic breath work for many years and enjoys sharing the practice with others. He has taught meditation for AT&T employees, Imagine Well Being and other community groups. Nitin loves to share these practices and concepts so that others can find the benefit of integrating more centeredness into daily life.

Pramodh Aldi
Pramodh Aldi

Pramodh Adi has a career in technology and has lived in Loudoun County for 20 years. He served on the Board of Loudoun Interfaith BRIDGES and has been a bridge builder worldwide, promoting multicultural understanding, teaching well-being in mind, body, and soul, and encouraging service as the highest expression of character.

Dr. Pramodh Adi is also a Senior Scientist and Research Professor at WISE with deep interests in the exploration of consciousness and the integration of neuroscience with the practice of yoga, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and the study of humanities. He advocates the use of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and selfless service as a path to inner and outer progress and peace within and in all relationships.

He has achieved career success by integrating his knowledge and people skills in a new setting, bringing a sense of unity and wholeness and growing interfaith and multicultural friendships.

Pramodh is currently offering free mindfulness teaching as well as guidance and support for people, including a felt sense of community in a fast-paced, diverse, and sometimes isolated community.

The services he provides have enriched multiple communities across the world and provided free yet excellent intervention to those of all ages facing intense stress through cultural adjustment and the normal stress of life. He has a special outreach to teens and their families facing depression because of stress and anxiety.